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-        Translate commercial, technical, and literary text from Japanese to English.
-        Translate patents and business contracts from Japanese to English.
Translate litigation-related work.
-        Translate and research materials on Japanese securities and finance.
-        Translated and wrote newspaper articles, commentaries, and feature stories.
-        Translate history, mathematics, art, economics, and scientific papers.
-        Page layout, editing, proofreading, and management of special features sections. Skilled at use of translation CAT software.
-        Wrote a weekly column for two years at an English language daily newspaper in Tokyo.
-        Copywriting work from Japanese sources.
4/2009-present President, Beowulf Inc. (transferred to Japan in May 2018)
8/99-6/2006          Technical Translator, Nikon Precision Inc., Belmont, CA
6/94-present Translator, Freelance, Moraga, CA and Tigard, OR
6/92 - 5/94  Translator/Rewriter, Universal Securities Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan
3/87 - 5/94  Translator/Columnist, Daily Yomiuri Newspaper, Tokyo, Japan      
10/83 - 2/87          Translator/Copywriter, Witan Associates, Tokyo, Japan
Graduate work, University of California at Berkeley, East Asian History, Berkeley, CA
B.A., Asian Studies and Political Science, Minor in Japanese, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT
General Comments:
On Patents and Litigation Work:
Since around 2005, I have taken patent work in greater numbers, and become capable of handling the sometimes opaque language of patent descriptions.
In recent years there has been a rise in litigation work, and I have participated in many of the largest ones. I can provide quick turn-around, and am also familiar with the language of the legal documents that often accompany these litigations.
On Office Experience:
At Nikon Precision, where I worked in-house from 1999 to 2006, I was mainly engaged in translation of technical manuals and in-house service documents related to the stepper machines marketed by Nikon to semiconductor chip manufacturers. I worked closely with the Japanese engineers and designers, and also with the American service engineers who maintain the machines for customers. The work also included a number of trips to on-site locations for interpreting and for obtaining hands-on experience with the machines.
Before that, at the Daily Yomiuri in Tokyo, I worked at nearly all phases of newspaper operations, including translation of stories from the Japanese newspaper, reporting work, page editing and make-up, editorial page comment, and a weekly column.
While I was never in a formally supervisory position at either Nikon Precision or the Daily Yomiuri, I was often in a position of directing other people work in the context of a particular project formed ad-hoc for a few days or a few weeks at a time.
On Preparation of Published Documents:
At Witan Associates in the 1980s, I gained experience working on PR publications and magazines with tight deadlines, doing proofreading and editing at all stages from first draft to final proof sheets. At Nikon, I assisted in production of customer manuals with specific deadline requirements. The newspaper experience, of course, involved tight adherence to deadlines on a daily basis, or a weekly basis for features pages.
On General Knowledge:
I took graduate-level courses at U.C. Berkeley in 1994 to 1996, in East Asian history. This experience, combined with an on-going interest in history and culture in that part of the world and elsewhere, has given me a background knowledge that has proved useful when working on documents that require a background in regional history or culture.